The Rumney Climbers Association is a small non-profit organization that began at time when Rumney needed to secure access to the cliffs in the early 90’s. It was spearheaded by local activists that worked hard to purchase land that was privately owned. Cliffs, including the Meadows, the 5.8 Crag, and Monsters From The Id were all located on the 31 acre privately owned parcel. RCA activists worked with the Access Fund to buy the land and then sell it to the USFS. They also worked to build the main parking lot and secure future access. The RCA is continuing to work with the USFS, the Access Fund, and the AAC to find a common goal of preserving rock climbing in Rumney, NH.

Rumney’s history goes back to the 1960’s with a father son team, George Wendell II and III, setting their sights on Main Cliff and succeeding at climbing Wendell’s Route. Undocumented exploration in the early 70’s occurred with climbers exploring the Pound and Black Jack boulders. The late 70’s to mid 80’s saw more development and exploration of cliffs. During this time many routes had the bare minimum of protection as bolts were few and far between. During the 90’s standards were pushed and incredible climbers put up New England’s hardest sends for several years. Additionally, Team Tough, a motivated group of route developers and trail builders, added a high level of now classic routes. Link: Team Tough

Pro athletes Dave Graham, Joe Kinder, Luke Parady, Pete Kamitses, and Tim Kemple Jr. embarked on an incredible send fest during the late 90’s. Demonstrating that our sport is always progressing, Vasya Vorotnikov most recently completed a 15a, Jaws II.

Today, the RCA is a 501c3 nationally recognized non-profit, and are a large community of climbers with a common goal rooted in the preservation of our climbing resource located on Rattlesnake Mountain. Through collaborative efforts and education, we are continuing our work to ensure that the impact, and influence rock climbers have on this natural resource, is positive!