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Rumney Climbers Association- not just for Rumney anymore.

Over the past thirty years the Rumney Climbers Association has continued to develop, protect, and steward the incredible climbing resources located on Rattlesnake Mountain in Rumney, NH.

As many of you have noticed, climbing (and therefore Rumney) has never been as popular and accessible as it is now. As such, we have seen a boom in development of other areas through Waterville Valley, Franconia Notch, Kinsman Notch, Lakes Region, and many other localities. In response to the growing needs of the area and community the RCA has made the decision to broaden the scope of the organization. The RCA has chosen to extend our resources, expertise, and psych through central, western and northern New Hampshire.

We are open to partnerships with groups, individuals and organizations. The RCA is glad to spread knowledge of stewardship and hopes to encourage others to utilize best practices as climbers spread from many of our well-loved areas to some of the more hidden gems of New Hampshire.


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