Dear Climber and User of Rumney Rocks,                          En Français

The Rumney Climbing Association wants your help as we implement positive changes that will address the ever-increasing demand on our wonderful, natural, and finite rock climbing area.  Rumney is increasing in popularity, exponentially since the 90’s, and it’s in our best interest as a community to consider our impact on this area.  Please engage with us on Facebook: The RCA on Facebook.

First and foremost users need to follow the “Leave No Trace Ethic”.  Waste like athletic tape, cigarette butts, water bottles, wrappers, toilet paper, human waste, and overcrowding at cliffs has become a particular problem. It is the responsibility of every climber to pack out garbage as they come across it.  Additionally, there are toilets in the small and main parking areas.  Please bury human waste by completely covering it in a “cat hole” and by packing out toilet paper.  No one should ever see used toilet paper, or waste on or near a trail.   A WAG bag  is now an optional method for Rumney climbers to reduce and remove human waste from further contaminating our trails and cliffs.   Additionally, there are many crags to explore in New Hampshire and we hope that if you find Rumney busy, or the parking areas full, that you’ll consider having a climbing adventure at a different location.    

Additionally the RCA has adopted the following standards:

Standards of Care

1.    Top Rope Through Your Own GearUse your own quickdraws at anchors.

2.    Stay On Established TrailsStay off the road and don’t walk off trail.

3.    Leave No TracePack out any garbage you create or find. Watch out for rare plant species and don’t overcrowd cliffs.

4.    Keep Control of Your DogDogs should be leashed and not barking.

5.    Show Respect While Climbing OutsideMaintain a small group size. Please be considerate of others by keeping your voice down.  

6.    Please Keep Children Out of Harms WayChildren should be supervised.

7.    Remember, Rumney is NOT a Gym.  It’s a finite resource and needs to be treated as such. –Rumney is a world class climbing destination and not an extension of a climbing facility.  Camps and school groups with commercially based interests should be outfitted with a USFS permit.  

The RCA is seeking all members of the climbing community to continue to fully enjoy the great climbing that Rumney has to offer.  It is the obligation of every climber to learn and adopt outdoor ethics in order to fully participate in being a part of the climbing community.

Additionally the RCA would like to actively engage climbers to become a member of the RCA.  We are now offering a joint membership with the Access Fund.

Visit our “News” page for events and updates.   

Thank you!


* Thank you to photographer Seth Hamel for the classic shot of Tim Deroehn on Whip Tide, 12b/c at Waimea.